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and requested the very same documentation we used in our investigation but brown writes the information has not been provided to me which he minds disrespectful. >> we will put forth some to have same questions that came out in the story asked for answers we will have sessions here we will be questioning about all these issues. >> chairman brown says he knows a thing or two about upsetting tax payers after his own recent problems with thriving high priced city vehicles. >> there will be tax payers to say why is kwami brown after the trouble he has been through this week going to be the guy in charge looking how the money is being spent. >> well, one, the trucks have been returned, two, i have said that i would compensate for the time i used the vehicles, no taxpayer dollars currently spent further, and we are moving on. so i mean i think that is how you take responsibility you own up, make sure it goes back, don't throw anyone under the bus take full responsibility. >> you expect that same forth rightness from him. >>> yes, we expect the board of trustees to demand that. >> he expects to se
. >> we begin with the crisis in libya. the u.s. military is joining other nations with air attacks. we have video cued up showing tomahawk missiles being fired. the air assault is being called operation odyssey dawn. thanks for joining us at 10:00, i'm will thomas. >> and i'm maurine. france are main players in the operation using sea and air fleets to attack. steve is in tripoli with the latest. >> reporter: this is one of the first tomahawk missiles launched from a u.s. navy destroyer in the mediterranean. more than 100 fires, their target is libya's air defense systems. a senior u.s. official says the strikes severely disabled them, clearing the way for air patrols by french fighter jets to cripple libya's air power. moammar gadhafi vowing revenge, staying arms are being opened to let people defend the country and threatening to attack military and civilian targets in the mediterranean region. the mediterranean and north africa will become a real war zone because of this irresponsible act and all countries interest in the reason will be in danger starting from now because of this m
by this case for days. tonight they tell us they believe they have it solved. they're dealing with a loan assailant who carried out this horrific -- a lone assailant who carried out this horrific crime and launched an elaborate coverup. investigators spent days going over evidence. now they believe 30-year-old jayna murray was killed by her own co-worker 27-year-old brittany erin norwood who police first believed was a surviving victim until her story started to unravel. >> as we began to analyze the forensic evidence that we collected at the scene and then that we collected in the victim's car the forensic evidence took us in a completely different direction and we were able to determine that it did not support ms. norwood's story. >> reporter: here's the story she had told all along. the two women went back to the store to retrieve, something then were confronted by two masked gloved men. they were beaten, sexually assaulted, murray was murdered. norwood claimed to have been beaten and tied up. investigators say a couple things just did not add up. >> there were only two sets of footpri
.c. city hall. mayor gray's chief of staff out. thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. the move comes after weeks of scandals including revelations of overpaid staffers. fox 5's wisdom martin here to explain what this means for the city government. >> mayor gray said he requested and accepted the resignation of chief of staff gerri mason hall. he said they discussed the resignation over the last several days and in the end gray says the distractions with the personnel matters were overshadowing the government's work. chief of staff gerri mason hall is out. the mayor says he's known her 20 years and she is an outstanding professional but when it came down to it -- >> i think this issue around personnel eventually became a huge challenge, numerous questions about it. >> reporter: the first few is no of the gray administration have been surround -- months of the gray administration have been surrounded by controversy, the biggest, the firing of sulaimon brown. questions a rose over his six figure salary and if he was checked out before he was hired. b
lawyered up. fox 5's bob barnard is working the story for us, bob. >> reporter: shawn, not just any lawyer but one of the most powerful attorneys here in washington, bob bennett, and tonight we have spoken to both parties at the center of this growing controversy. we caught up with dc mayor vincent gray tonight after an early childhood education event at the sumner school in northwest. >> i understand you have retained bob bennett to represent you. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: tell me why, sir. >> as this unfolds, i was the one that called for the investigation in the first place, so i just want to make sure that as this thing unfolds that i have the best advice i could possibly have and it's really quite that simple. >> reporter: the other player in this scandal, sue brown, who met with fbi investigators for several hours today. >> i can't comment on the specifics. i can just say that they were professional and i cooperated with everything they wanted. >> reporter: did you bring them some evidence, some envelopes with evidence? >> i can't comment on that. >> reporter: did they take stuff from
benning road in northeast. that's where fox 5's wisdom martin joins us live. >> reporter: investigators tell us at about 8:13 tonight is when they got the call about a fire here at 1713 benning road northeast. when they arrived, the initial call was for a fire on the second floor of this building with people trapped inside, but it turns out that the fire was actually on the first floor and the people were trapped on the first floor. investigators went inside and found a 3-year-old boy. they did rescue him, but tonight he is in critical condition. he was conscious and breathing after being taken to the hospital. also inside, a female. at this point we don't know the relationship between the female and the little boy, but that we're told by investigators she at some point tried to go back inside and rescue the 3-year- old and suffered some burns and smoke inhalation. again when she was going inside to try to rescue the little boy. we're also told that there are four other young people who live in this apartment with this family, a 3-year-old, a 4- year-old and 5-year-old. one of those chi
communities remain under a flood watch right now. thanks for joining us. i'm will thomas. >> i'm maureen umeh. if you didn't have an umbrella, you probably got soaked pretty badly today. let's bring in gwen tolbart and find out when the rain will finally let up. a little tricky with those cameras. what side is she on? >> it has been a real soaker of a day today. anybody outside definitely ran into problems from ponding on the road to poor visibility to heavy rainfall and to our far west even dealing with some snow, unbelievable as temperatures dropped well to our west and northwest neighborhoods. let's begin with a look at true view. we'll show you what is going on now. you can see plenty of rainfall and some of it pretty heavy in some areas as a well. some of those pockets have produced up to 2 inches of rainfall or more in some areas. look at the line on the backside where we've got some mixed winter precipitation as well as some snowfall there and some of that could very well into the course of overnight tonight edge its way a little closer to the north, northwestern burbs of d.c. and balt
, a virginia couple accused of using a sheet of drywall to trap their three small children inside. we're going to start with that attack on the national mall. good evening, everyone. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. fox 5 is on the scene of that attack. the victim said two men roughed him up this evening. will thomas is back with the still developing details. >> it is unusual to hear about this kind of crime on the mall. u.s. park police officers are all over the place and most of the buildings and museums have their own security. here's what we know. about 5:15 this evening park police say a man was walking in the garden located between the hershwin museum and the smithsonian capital emergency. two men pushed down the victim and tried to rob him by rifling his pockets but didn't get anything and took off down independence. police tell us this is the first time in years they have seen an attempted robbery of this kind and in the middle of the cherry blossom festival with the greater number of tourists in the city, the timing is especially bad. >> several years ago we did have some robberi
possibly heading our way this weekend. thanks for joining us at 10:00. i'm maureen umeh in for shawn. >> i'm brian bolter. new information could have this one shifting course a little bit, gary mcgrady in the weather center watching all the twists and turns. >> we've been watching. we're about 18 hours away from some snow flying around here. you alluded to things could be shifting a little bit. we often see this 12, 18, 24 hours out. we had good model consistency and the latest run things are shifting to the south just a little bit. what does that mean? well, first let's talk about what we're going to expect. it is big news around here if you're talking about a little snow on the cherry blossoms out there and i think that is going to be the case. the trick here is going to be figuring out just how much snow will be on those blossoms by sunday evening. it does look like we'll have some snow accumulation on sunday. what we get mostly on grass, doesn't look like it's going to be a big problem on the road, but die want to say there could be a few -- i do want to say there could be a few slick
and is in a connecticut hospital. thanks for joining us. >> i'm will thomas. aaron thomas is expected to survive his suicide attempt. thomas is believed to be behind the attacks spanning four states, including virginia, over more than a decade. >> police in new haven, connecticut, say u.s. marshals arrested the suspected east coast rapist on a city street in the middle of friday afternoon without incident. back in december of 2009, investigators from four different states concluded through dna evidence that one suspect had been raping and attacking women since 1997. new haven police identified the suspect as 39-year-old aaron thomas. >> he was charged with sexual assault in the first degree. burglary in the first-degree. and risk of injury to a minor with a $1 million cash bond. he was also charged as a fugitive of justice with charges of two counts of rape, abduction, and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony in the first degree. >> the prince william county case is the most recent of the attacks. on halloween 2009, three teenage girls trick or treated in this dale city neighborhood, th
for joining us. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. montgomery county police say we could learn as soon as tomorrow if those crimes are connected. fox 5's audrey barnes is working this one tonight. neighbors there on edge. >> reporter: they certainly are, brian. the last murder in olney was in january of 2008 and now there have been two in less than a week. police say the crimes aren't connected yet, but bullets recovered from the victims' bodies are being analyzed for clues. 81-year-old nazir ahmed was found shot to death inside his home on olney mill road. a mile and a half away someone shoots and kills punyasara gedara on north high street. no motives have been revealed, but the victims have something in common. police aren't talking publicly about it yet, but the possibility of these being hate crimes is quietly circulating through the community. >> things keep getting worse and worse, you know. the more that you hear, the more concern that you have. >> since they are both foreign gentlemen and, you know, this is days apart it would seem to me that it could possibly be related. >> r
. thanks for joining us, i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm brian bolter. a storm system heading our way could coat the area with a wintry mix. here we go again. gary mcgrady is in with the details. it's almost april now. >> it's almost april now and i hope by the time we get to april fool's day we're talking about spring-like temperatures coming our way instead of reverting back to more or less middle part of the winter type weather and i think that's what it will feel like tomorrow, especially late in the afternoon. let me show you what's going on. there's a lot of moisture popping out back out to the west. all of this rain and thunderstorm activity in the deep south, but it's working along the jet stream coming in our direction, and we are right in the way of it, so it has to pass through us to get out to the east of us and out to sea and that's going to be taking place tomorrow. i think we're going to have just enough cold air in place that we're probably going to have a little bit of a wintry mix out there. so you see the rain coming. now, let me show you some headlines here see what we'r
expensive travel on the taxpayer's dime. thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. the president of the university of the district of columbia still hasn't shown up the paperwork backing up his claims. in hours he will face d.c. city council about those pricey trips. tonight tisha thompson follows up her fox 5 investigation. >> reporter: udc president allen sessoms is finally answering our questions after a fox 5 investigation found dozens of unexplained credit card charges for trips all over the country. first class tickets purchased last minute included this $7,900 ticket to egypt and england. >> there is some question about you say that you need to fly first class because of a medical condition, but fox 5 noticed that there seemed to be purchases for a lot of these flights three days before you go including the egypt flight. it was purchased. it's on your credit card three days before you left for egypt which seems like the kind of trip you could have planned for. why are we flying last minute? >> i hadn't planned to go. the egyptians insisted that i come
of tokyo. >> and tonight, american military officials are confirming us service members have been exposed to radiation. >> wow, so how is the us dealing with it? >> we understand they're giving antiradiation pills to service men and women and they're also repositioning ships out of harm's way. >> and tonight we've been talking a lot about of course those reactors. how are they dealing with this radiation release? >> right now they're talking about bringing in helicopters, spraying water and acid on it trying to control the radiation. they're going to see how that goes and then monitor things, just day by day, hour by hour basis, shawn. >> it's kind of scary and hopefully they can get it under control. laura, thank you. brian. >>> for japanese living here in the united states, the disaster back home has been especially difficult as you can imagine to watch. one of them, a japanese exchange student living in southern maryland. we spoke to bob barnard tonight. bob, it's got to be tough. >> indeed, brian. the teenager you're about to /phaoelt is meet is from the city hardest hit by the tsunam
. fox 5 is covering every angle of this disaster. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. in japan it is now noon on what will be a very long day. the death toll stands in the hundreds. we'll continue to rise -- will continue to rise. rescue aides are rushing to survivors. >> there has been a state of emergency declared at two nuclear power plants. massive evacuations are underway as workers struggle to prevent meltdowns. fox 5's roz plater has our coverage tonight. >> reporter: radioactive levels have surged to about 1,000 times the normal level and some 14,000 people are being told to evacuate and they're telling people as far as 16 miles away to stay indoors. daylight and the devastation is in clear focus, massive fires spill spewing thick black smoke into the sky and there is trouble at two nuclear plants about 170 miles northeast of tokyo. the quake knocked out the plant's cooling systems. the u.s. air force has rushed in coolant. still japanese officials say they may have to release vapor that's slightly radioactive. thousands nearby have been evacuat
the beginning. thanks for joining us. i'm will thomas. >> and i'm maureen umeh. the libyan armed forces issued a command to all units to issue an immediate ceasefire. jocks' jane metzler starts us off with the new -- fox's jane metzler starts us off with the new development. >> reporter: operation odyssey dawn and its international airstrikes continue for a second day in lybia. heavy anti-aircraft fire erupted repeatedly in the capital tripoli suggesting coalition fire jets are attacking the libyan forces. today moammar gadhafi issuing an audio message. >> translator: we are preparing ourselves for a long war and a vast land -- in a vast land that you cannot fight on. >> reporter: a pentagon official says air force b-2 bombers targeted a libyan airfield sunday and other u.s., british and french planes attacked moammar gadhafi's ground troops near the opposition strong hold of benghazi. >> we now have the capability to patrol the airspace over lybia and we are doing just that into a more consistent air presence. the no fly zone is effectively in place. >> reporter: rebels in benghazi welcome th
racketed reactor has possibly melted. authorities in japan have been using sea water to cool down two reactors at the facility, after friday's earthquake and tsunami damaged the cooling system. the government has evacuated about 200,000 people in the area. >>(translator): it appears the gauge is not showing the water level is rising, despite the fact they continue the sea water injection. >> reporter: this, as another nuclear facility reports problems. an emergency was declared at the power plant. there's also a report the cooling system at the third nuclear plant has partially failed. one of two pumps malfunctioned. authorities say the racket reactor is operating normally with one pump. days after the event, we keep getting pictures. this video shows the wave smashing into the town, and crashed over the sea wall. japan has upgraded the quake to 9.0. >>(translator): i survived, but my daughter was swept away. i still held my hope, but i could not see the direction of the town. >> reporter: meanwhile, u.s. search and rescue teams arriving in japan, and helicopters delivering emergency
, management is going to lock them out for five days and use 600 replacement nurses. >> patient safety is our number one concern. that's why we have worked with these nurses over the last couple of months, that's why we've brought them in many days early and we're actually having them go through training modules. these are nurses that are used to coming in to an emergency situations. they're going through our modules and protocols. >> reporter: if the nurses are striking for one day, why won't the hospital let them come back the next day? >> reporter: the hospital says they've made arrangements during the negotiation process to bring in these 600 extra nurses that will take their place. they've already made those arrangements. they've agreed to how much they will pay them. that's on the books. they cannot afford to have the 600 who are already here guaranteed for five days and then have the nurses back in here. they say they simply can't afford to have both and since they've agreed to pay the replacements they have to pay the replacements. >> sticky situation. wisdom martin, thanks very much.
speaks out. thanks for joining us everyone. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. >>> we'll begin tonight in virginia where there is new information about the case of three children barricaded in a room with a sheet of drywall. as the mother sits in jail the father of her two older children is speaking out, stacey cohan in the newsroom with his story. >> he has a lot to stay. when this originally happened, this case, the case of the drywall is not the first time christina moore has been charged with felony child abuse. her toddler twin boys are taken from her after they were found wandering barefoot in a junkyard six years ago. now their father says he tried to warn authority that moore was still danger to children. >> this probably happened more times than all of us can count on our hands and toes, like that's the problem. it's not a problem until you get caught. >> reporter: meet daniel tincher, the father of 26-year- old christina moore's twin boys justed to alreadies when they were found wandering -- just toddlers when they were found wander
. here's the thing: murder in bethesda, two words rarely use head in the same sentence, which is why this is a shocking turn of events. crews are asking how this could happen on a busy street. merchants tell us there was the usual bustle in downtown bethesda on friday night. a line at georgetown cupcake and there was also a line at the apple store with the rollout of the ipad 2. and so it's hard to imagine how two women could have been attacked, one murdered in an upscale store in the very same block. >> and i am very surprised. we were standing here last night, i don't know what time it happened, you know, and it was perfectly safe. i am surprised it was so much activity on a friday night. >> reporter: early saturday morning, a worker arriving at the clothing store found the front door unlocked, heard a noise from the back and called for help. >> and -- >> reporter: police arrived to find a horrifying scene, a 30- year-old female worker dead, her 27-year-old coworker tide up and that surviving woman was sexually will assaulted. they closed the store about 9 friday night and returned
for joining us on the 10:00 am i'm will thomas in for brian. >> i'm shawn yancy. a luxury car, million dollar home and worldwide travel all paid for by taxpayers. fox 5's tisha thompson is in the web center with what we've uncovered. >> last summer we received a tip from a fox 5 viewer who told us to take a long hard look when it comes to the university of the district of columbia and its president, specifically take a look at his travel expenses. so we filed a freedom of information act request and what we have uncovered has city officials talking tonight. egypt, london, jackson hole, wyoming, first class destinations for any seasoned traveler, but we're not talking about a vacation. >> where's the money coming from? >> reporter: we're talking about your taxpayer dollars in a fox 5 investigation. >> this requires an explanation. >> reporter: we're going to take you on a journey. >> we're here. we want to get answers about the travel expenses. >> reporter: to find out where your money is really going. allen sessoms is the president of the university of the district of columbia. >> i'd like to
radar composite and we're seeing clouds, plenty of clouds and precipitation to the south of us and the clouds are what are dominating across our area and we're going to look at the radar and show you to the south of us and where that is creating activity here and strong storms are kicking up across the south and heavy pockets of rainfall as well and with this system, there is an upper level disturbance and that is going to our area through the course of tonight and that upper level disturbance, you can see the storm moving through and let's look at true view, a closer shot as you can see the snow pushing from illinois to indiana and -- excuse me, indiana and moving towards the extreme southwestern corner of pennsylvania and some mix to the south and brushing through ohio. all of this push ising into our area and they move through into tonight. let's go to the weather maps then and we do have a winter weather advise or in effect. all that colder air is in place. from 4:00 a.m. sunday morning until 4:00 p.m. sunday morning and this entire region that you can see here, that is col
the so-called east coast rapist. thanks for joining us. i'm shawn yancy. >> officers say he is behind several attacks across our area and now we're learning he also grew up here. fox 5's roz plater is following this investigation tonight. >> reporter: we have learned from new haven connecticut police the suspect in custody is 39-year-old aaron thomas. we have also learned he grew up in our area and still has family here and at various times has lived in prince george's county, various parts of northern virginia and d.c. now u.s. marshals took thomas into custody at his home in new haven, connecticut, this afternoon without incident. we expect to learn more at a news conference tomorrow. 14 years he evaded police striking in four states including virginia, maryland, connecticut and rhode island. police put together some composite sketches, but it took them a while to realize the crime were connected by dna. last month they set up a website and they also put up billboards asking the public for help. police tell us it was an anonymous tip to led them to him. they put him under surveillan
scandal gripping the d.c. mayor's office. thanks for joining us. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. congress now stepping into the sulaimon brown pay for play allegations. fox 5's matt ackland has been working this one for us tonight. >> we have known over a week now that this oversight committee was looking into allegations made by brown. brown claims he was offered a job and cash by the mayor and two campaign workers in exchange for verbal attacks on the former mayor adrian fenty. today a bombshell, the committee with power over the district has launched a full scale investigation. we caught up with mayor gray as he left the wilson building tonight to ask him about this new federal probe. >> i'm not sure how this illuminates the issue since you've already got the u.s. attorney's a office and the fbi looking at -- attorney's office and the fbi looking at it. our attorney general's office will help coordinate this, but we'll cooperate fully. >> reporter: the committee on oversight and government reform called sulaimon brown to capitol hill early last week. after a 3 1/2 hour meetin
's support for the people of japan. >> reporter: the u.s. has begun support to japan, the government going above and beyond. >> like all americans, i continue to be heartbroken by the images of devastation in japan. >> reporter: families are separated unsure if their loved ones made it and in some cases families are separated because of the nuclear danger. in this photo a mother talks to her daughter through a barrier, the daughter isolated because of possible radiation contamination from fukushima's nuclear plant. >> we also have dispatched subject matter experts both reactor experts and an expert on emergency response. >> reporter: officials from the u.s. department of energy and the nuclear regulatory commission are working to determine how to keep the nuclear reactors from melting down. >> in particular, they have asked for additional types of equipment that will help provide water and other resources to ensure the reactors continue to be cool. >> reporter: as officials rush to japan's aid and the body count rises, survivors face conditions that become more challenge day. they're conse
martin is at the lululemon store working the story for us. >> reporter: the store remains closed but here's what we've learned. this is a story about a woman who worked in this store with no previous criminal record but is now charged with murder and making up a story to cover up that crime. it turns out police interviewed the suspect five times before her story started to fall apart. just days after the arrest of a lieu lieu mop worker charged with brutal -- lululemon worker charged with brutally killing her co-worker residents remain shocked about this crime. >> as parent no matter what happened or why it happened, i don't know how i would deal with it. >> reporter: states attorney john mccarthy says jayna murray tied from so many blows to the head you couldn't count them all. her throat was slashed, her pants cut to make it look like she was sexually assaulted, but the story brittany norwood told investigators about the two men following them into the store did not add up. they say there was no robbery or strangers. the crime was staged. investigators say norwood even laced up size 14
older with no children and not getting married to deal with the budget that he has given us and i don't know of anybody that's like that. >> reporter: after the rally most of the participants stormed the county executive's office. >> hey, we got a check for you, ike. come and get it. >> ike, come on ike! >> come on, ike. come get the money! >> reporter: symbolically handing over a check for $25 million, the amount in savings union negotiators say they had offered the county. >> but the executive took the position that it was either wage reductions, take-home pay reductions, or nothing and that's why we're in this struggle. >> my decision is only a recommendation and they can go to the county council to seek an adjustment to that and the county council has full authority to do whatever they want to do. i think what we've done is legal and that we'll leave it at that. >> reporter: executive leggette says 217 county employees are facing layoffs in the coming months, but that's down from the 600 or so he says he originally thought would be getting pi
and we are not in the clear yet. thanks for joining us this evening. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. the rain continues to fall in some neighborhoods and there are a few flood warnings still in effect. let's go right to gary mcgrady in the weather center with the latest now. >> the worst of this thank goodness has passed now. we're really on the backside of the real heavy, heavy rain, guys. so things will be improving overnight. right out to max hd radar to give you an idea where the rain is, where the rain is not and thankfully now it's just some rain. it's still raining steadily through most of the district and up 270 there's rain up i-95 towards baltimore. in terms of anything fairly heavy that's crossing just south of chesapeake beach into the bay. it will event wally head across because everything is drifting to the north -- eventually head across because everything is drifting north and to the northeast. the area of low pressure is just pushing off to the northeast now. that's taken all the thunderstorm activity pretty much out to
with a fox 5 weather alert. a nasty storm system marching our way tonight. thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. we're talking about heavy rains like we saw this weekend. a flood watch is set to go into effect tomorrow. gary mcgrady is in the weather center. when will it start? >> want to equivalent you a lot of notice on this one -- give you a lot of notice on this one. we can see it back out to the west. the storms have to come across us before they can move off to the north and east. here it is this evening to show you what it looks like. it has a very large footprint, too. it has big time snow up into iowa, parts of nebraska getting some and minneapolis, too, but down into illinois and missouri into the ohio river valley. we're all getting thunderstorms there. severe thunderstorms, too, down into texas and louisiana. now there have been reports of a couple of thunderstorms producing tornadoes up around the dallas area and we've had a lot of hail reports out of these particular thunderstorms as well. you can see there those thunderstorms moving through texa
strong earthquake hit. a 6.5. that triggered a tsunami advisory. thanks for joining us at 10:00. i'm will thomas. no reports of damage or injuries. the epicenter was in the same spot where the 9.0 earthquake was centered. spike in radiation levels inside the troubled fukushima complex. there is new footening into the newsroom tonight. a top official insists the situation has partially stabilized. but the numbers were so high, the worker measuring the levels withdrew before taking a second reading and there's still a danger for people living nearby. >> people living here would receive the maximum annual dose in about a few days, four days. that is really unacceptable. people should be evacuated from this area. >> it's not clear how long workers were exposed to the high levels of radiation or how long the levels have been as high as detected today. >>> meanwhile, worries tonight in california where a ship that left the port in japan three days after the devastating quake and tsunami now sits in oakland. many are wondering if it brought radiation along with it. the coast guard says if
if that's what hit our tower. but the storms lucky for us have lost a lot of sizzle. we're lucky it was as cool as it was. >> thanks to the wind direction. and we had tornadoes to our west, we were worried we could see something like this. this was in preston, iowa. one of the places that is called a white elephant tornado because it looks like the trunk of an elephant coming down. luckily this one did not do much damage, it was short lived southwest of des moines. but i have to tell you they had at least one ef1 and ef2 and it was all coming from the same system that brought us the rain today. but luckily for us with temperatures in the 40s for most of the day took a lot of the sizzle from the atmosphere. we'll start with our local radar so you can see that a lot of this is moving away. clearing toward the west of the city. a batch of more moderate showers is heading to eastton. definitely could have been lightning that affected us here because we certainly saw that coming through northwest d.c. for a little while before the storms lost some of that punch so that's good news for
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